Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Noise, Jersey and the Flashlight

The other night Jersey was just beside herself and Steve is running for the flashlight. He swears that he and Jersey saw something move. Who knows maybe they did. Now the dog is down at the heater vent barking and growling at it. Steve ever so brave has the flashlight shining it on the vent. Me I got the stethoscope and listened with the light and the dog. Nothing. Good thing cause if it was another squirrel I was outta here. 2 squirrels in my house in one life time is enough. NO More!  We still don't know what it was.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Just A Chair

No one can understand what it meant to me,
Sitting in it left me as comfortable as could be.
I would feel him close as if the chair were his arm,
leaving me feel like I was in no harm.
I am very sad, more than you can know,
I am really undecided at why it had to go.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Doing What Is Right!

When something happens and you know in your bones that it is wrong you MUST try to make it right! I cannot and will not stand for the insult that has occurred. My out come may be a defeat, but I MUST use my voice or I have no business of having the position I hold.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

My Week

Monday the 13th of September was the 16th Anniversary of my mom's passing. Monday work and then at night a Board of Ed meeting. Tuesday work, an LEA meeting that lasted 2 hours, make dinner, and a Varsity Club meeting, Wednesday work and shop as it is the first paycheck since June. Thursday off to take care of a family issue that ends up not happening and is postponed. Am I looking forward to Friday, NOT! Football concession stand after work tomorrow. Saturday a ceremony where the band I have been wearing on my wrist will be cut off by the soldier I wore it for. He is home from Iraq. That will be glorious! So will the sleep when I come home. It is just the beginning of the school year and I am exhausted.

<-----My Mom

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Why haven't I Visited for awhile?

Big question. Many things have happened. Many I didn't want to speak about, like the death of a good friend. Then there was a birth in the family, that should be a joy to speak of. So much at work. To many health issues, and I am very angry! Not just very angry but extremely and even more so tonight. Is that why I decided to write? I think maybe I need to do this as therapy. Then again how many really want to hear what I have to say? Do you want to hear how scared I really am? Do you want to know how hurt I really am? Do you want to know that two weeks ago I probably had 3 of the best days in my life? Believe me there are not many. Do you want to know that thru Facebook I have found so many from high school and that we had a really good time at a get together? I do have many stories. So I am really going to try to have this be a catch up time. I said try. We shall see.

Sunday, February 28, 2010


This is the month to prepare. For what you say? For everything! To begin with it is March Madness. If you are at our school in the fourth grade you are well aware of what it is. Teams the children have formed in their classrooms and their class itself. A point system will be in effect and the more points the better. They earn them by doing their work, acting/behaving correctly, getting along, etc. The prize, a trip to a indoor play area. Are they excited? Oh yes. The reason for all of the this, the TEST! the scarey TEST.  How do I feel about bribing kids to learn so that the school/teacher/district looks good? I don't like it one bit! In the first place we shouldn't have to bribe the students to act/behave/study. That should be a natural. Unfortunately if you work with children today, of any age, you will discover that more often than not the disrespect is high in volumn. How does that change. It certainly can't in one month, or can it? Will something jump out and bite these children and make them change?
Preparation is also for the garden. I didn't have one last year as the lovely Jersey destroys all that I put out. This year I will have one, out front at least. She is being kept in the backyard. I missed my flowers last year and for my own state of mind must have them. I enjoy the colors and the fragrance.
Preparation also for a healthier me and Steve. Changing menu's and walking. At least I will be walking as much as possible. Steve's knee doesn't allow that but just maybe I can get him to try.
Preparation for doing something with this kitchen!!! I am taking the summer off, the first time in 16 years. I am really hoping that by September this ugly disaster of a kitchen will be something to be proud of.
Preparation for ...

Thursday, February 25, 2010

10 Years - Charles G.Runquist 3-26-1963 thru 2-25-2000

That smile. That Scooby Dooby Doo! That "How do ya like me now?" That "Come on Sis" Jumping in puddles.Playing his guitar.  Stealing my 10 speed bike. Huge arms that gave me big hugs. Oh Lord I wish I had that now. Charlie forever missed but never ever forgotten.